I didnt like ballet when I was younger and now I cant live without it.
I can eat a whole pizza by myself.
I've been dancing for 10 years
And I love to sing

Miss Adrienne

Ms Jazmin


Favorite Dance Styles

Jazz and Tap

 Total Years of Dance 

19 years


Walking my dogs

Dance Experience

   Ms Jazmin began dancing when she was 7 years old at Leslie Michelle Dance. In high school she was apart of the Saginaw Starsteppers Drill Team for four years. 

    Jazmin has an Associates in Early Education and a Bachelors Degree from TWU Dance major with a minor in Education.  She completed ballet, modern, jazz, and dance performance courses at TCC. Also she completed Advanced dance performance, Korean dance, African dance, ballet, hip hop, and modern classes at TWU.

   Jazmin is the current CEO of Footworkz Dance Company.  She has now been teaching classes for nine years. She has a passion for teaching dance and working with students of all ages. 


Favorite dance styles
Hip Hop and Jazz

Loves to paint while watching movies
Total years of dance
12 years

​  Miss Adrienne attended Trinity Valley Ballet School at age 6. For 3 years she was a Cheerleader for the Richland Youth Association, having the opportunity to create a routine for the 2004 Regional Competition. In high school she became a Richland Dixie Belle and this is where she discovered her love for the hip hop dance style. 

   While attending Tarrant County College, she took Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and Tap dance. She has received her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Woman’s University in English with a minor in Spanish. She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology.

   This is Miss Adrienne's fourth year teaching with Footworkz Dance Company, and she is beyond excited to share with her students the true joy of incorporating dance into their lives.

Miss Carolina

  Miss Carolina began dancing when she was 9 years old at Art D' Danse Studio in Mexico. There she studied ballet, jazz, hip hop, Hawaiian, belly dance, and salsa. After 4 years dancing there she became an assistant and then 2 years later a teacher for girls from 4 to 8 years old.

   When she moved to Houston and she attended Needville High School. Her senior year she became the captain of her dance team there called the Sapphires. Carolina is now a member of TCC Northeast Dance Company.

   Carolina has an Associates of Arts from TCC. Next she plans to transfer to UNT or TWU to major in Dance with a secondary teaching certification.