​Where can we purchase dancewear?

  •       Dancewear and shoes can be purchased at Target, Payless, Academy, or discountdance.com.

  • *(Miss Jazmin does exchange dance shoes and dancewear, if you need anything just send Miss Jazmin an email to see what she has!)*

Call/Text:  817-203-4768

Email: missjazmin@footworkz.com

Are Recitals after every session?

  •     No, we have two recitals a year one in December and one in May
  • Recitals are optional and do come with a recital fee to cover the costume and trophy.

​​Are Parents allowed in the classroom?

  •     Parents are not allowed in the classroom to limit contact and numbers in our studio space.
  • Please no recording of any teachings or choreography without permission by the teacher.

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What do we need to wear to dance class?

  • For a ballet/tap class your student will need any color leotard and skirt, with white or pink tights. Along with pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. 
  • For a jazz or hip hop class your student will need to wear clothes they can comfortably move in, preferably passed the knee (i.e, Jazz pants/leggings and a tshirt) black jazz shoes for jazz class and tennis shoes for hip hop.

​​What is the price per session for one class?

  • For one class the price is $85/$95 for the whole session.
  • The recital in May or December is optional and $75, so for spring the total for the class and recital fee will be $160/$170.
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