Footworkz Dance Company Dance Styles

Mom & Tot: This is a new class here at Footworkz dance company. This class is for ages 18months-3 years old for 45 mins a week. In this class we will explore creative movement with our little ones, by chugging like trains or walking as quiet as a mouse we are very excited to have a new age group ready to dance! Comfortable clothing for parent and student required. Can wear ballet shoes, tennis shoes, or be bare foot. (taught by Miss Jazmin)

Intro to Dance Ballet/Tap: This is a 45 min class a week, for beginning dancers age 3-5. This class is designed for a dancer who has had little or no experience in dance. Dancers will explore the basics in tap and ballet. Attire for class will be pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Also will need to wear any color leotard and any color tights. (taught by Miss Jazmin) 

Intro to Dance 2: This is an hour long class a week, for beginning dancers ages 5-10. These dancers will learn basic techniques in Ballet and Tap. In this class the student will be provided with a good base to continue into later dance styles. We will learn the 5 ballet positions as well as plies and tendues. We will also learn shuffles, toe taps, side step and heel digs in tap. Clothing will be any color tights and leotard, along with pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.(taught by Miss Jazmin)

Level 2 Hip Hop: This a 45 min class a week for ages 5-10, wanting to learn techniques in Hip Hop. This class is a multilevel class and accepts dancers of any experience. This is a fun upbeat class that will work on learning simple hip hop skills. Co-education class. Please no jeans. Wear comfortable clothes along with tennis shoes.(taught by Miss Adrienne)

Level 2 Jazz:  This is a 45 min class a week, for beginning dancers age 5-10. This class will learn the basics in Jazz, such as leaps, turns and chases.  This is a great class for dancers with little experience in dance.  Comfortable clothes along with black jazz shoes. (taught by Miss Jazmin)

Advanced Tap: This is a 45 min class a week for ages 9-18, wanting to learn advanced techniques in tap. This class is designed for a more experienced tapper. This class moves quickly and focuses on time-steps, wings, and many other techniques. Comfortable clothes with black tap shoes. (taught by Miss Jazmin)

Advanced Hip Hop: This a 45 min class a week for ages 9+, wanting to learn techniques in Hip Hop. This class is a multilevel class and accepts dancers of any experience. This class requires focus and is definitely a work out. Comfortable clothes with tennis shoes required. Please no jeans (taught by Miss Adrienne)

Jazz/Contemporary: This class showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. Jazz dancers interpret and execute moves and steps their own way. Jazz dancing is energetic and fun, using unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Dancers need a background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance. But this class will provide its students with the base they need to do well as a jazz dancer. This is a fast-paced and demanding class because it combines elements of several different dance genres. Contemporary includes the styles of modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the structured nature of ballet. No jeans, black jazz shoes required, and comfortable clothes. (taught by Miss Jazmin)

              Schedule Ages:             

Level 1 - Preschool Classes (ages 3-5)   Level 2 - Youth Classes (ages 5-9)     Level 3 - Teen Classes (ages 9-18)


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 Proposed Fall Schedule

August 28- December 8th

Intro to Dance
Intro to Dance3-5Ballet/ TapFriday11-11:45am$65
Intro to Dance3-5Ballet/ TapMon4:30-5:15pm
Intro to Dance
Intro to Dance

Intro to Dance 2

5-9Ballet/ TapTues5-6pm$75
Level 2 Hip Hop5-9Hip HopWed4:30-5:15pm$65
Level 3 Hip Hop10-18Hip HopWed5:15-6pm$65
Jazz/Contemporary Combo8+JazzThurs6-7pm$75

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  Summer Schedule

June 2- August 11th

Mom and Tot18mon-3Creative MovementThurs4:30-5pm$65
Intro to Dance
Intro to Dance3-5Ballet/ TapTues4-4:45$65
Intro to Dance3-5Ballet/ TapTues::15-7pm$65
Intro to Dance

Intro to Dance 2

Intro to Dance 25-9TapTues5:30-6$55
Level 2 Hip Hop5-9Hip HopMon4:30-5:15pm$65
Level 3 Hip Hop9-18Hip HopMon5:15-6pm$65
Jazz/Contemporary Combo8+JazzThurs6-7pm$75